Our Story

Changing how America overcomes financial challenges; one person, one experience, one solution at a time.

The story of Money Management International is the story of people helping people. For as long as MMI and our predecessors have been around, our purpose has been leading folks in all walks of life through financial and economic challenges, and bringing them to a safer, more comfortable place.

As a nonprofit, we strive to deliver this aid without bias, without restriction, and without judgment. We exist to serve the families and individuals who need us. Their prosperity is our success.

As educators, we strive to go beyond simple fixes and provide our clients with the skills and understanding necessary to overcome today’s challenge and avoid tomorrow’s setbacks. We aim to create consumers that can solve their own problems, but never hesitate to reach out for help when their burdens are too great to bear alone.

At MMI, we:

Empower individuals to find goals that matter to them, take action to reach those goals, and overcome any and all obstacles that stand in their way.

Stabilize households in distress by providing direct, immediate assistance and long-term guidance, with the goal of creating ongoing financial wellness.

Strengthen communities by helping consumers recover from major setbacks, including potential eviction or foreclosure, reducing community-wide ripple effects.

Respond to emerging issues with new programs and services developed by experts and delivered to consumers where they need it most.

Support fresh starts by enabling families to put difficult challenges behind themselves, while better preparing for the road ahead.

Provide senior-oriented solutions in order to help seniors approaching and in retirement make the most of their available funds.

Assist underserved communities through specialized programs for at-risk populations, including veterans and immigrants.

Though we offer numerous programs and serve a wide variety of consumers, all of our services and outreach efforts are inspired by our commitment to the following six principles:


We blend technology, skill, and teamwork to serve individuals and communities with efficiency, speed, and accuracy.


We work closely with industry and community partners to develop programs that address today’s most pressing consumer issues.


We align our solutions to client goals, needs, and capacity, to provide consumers with the help they need, when and where they want it.


We recognize the stress and anxiety that comes with financial challenges and we strive to fill every client encounter with warmth and empathy.


We engage in public policy debates and the development of effective consumer protections in an effort to create a safe and level playing field for all consumers.


We meet and exceed required security parameters while treating clients and their personal data with unconditional dignity.

Our mission is not simply to provide solutions to financial problems. We want to help navigate you through the challenges that are and the ones that may someday be; we want to help expand your goals and strive forward toward those goals with confidence and grace; we want you to believe in your ability to live a peaceful, financially stable life.

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