Zynda Sellers

Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

Zynda Sellers As MMI’s Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, Zynda Sellers provides support and direction across nearly every facet of the organization. Since joining MMI in 2007 as its first in-house attorney, she has led efforts to protect the rights and privacy of MMI’s clients. Client confidentiality and security are cornerstones of MMI’s identity, and Zynda’s leadership in these areas have made MMI a partner that consumers can trust in moments of need.

Zynda also serves as an industry advocate, providing testimony to legislative and regulatory bodies in an ongoing effort to ensure that high quality, transformative services are available to all consumers across the country, regardless of circumstance. Internally, she is a key member of MMI’s strategic planning initiatives, helping to bring new programs to life.

In between all these roles, Zynda provides legal advice and oversight on nearly all aspects of MMI’s operations, from client agreements to blog posts to building leases and more.

A graduate of Duke University and the George Mason University School of Law, Zynda previously taught high school English for the Virginia Beach City Public School System, with an emphasis on helping disadvantaged students improve their writing.