Annual Reports

In 2016, Money Management International was pleased to continue the positive transformation of our services and operations in an effort to better serve the changing needs of our clients. This included a crucial merger with Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions, one of the largest nonprofit credit counseling organizations in the nation. Together, our newly combined organization was able to:

  • Deliver financial counseling to over 200,000 individuals and families across the country
  • Service over 100,000 active Debt Management Plans, helping clients pay off more than $360,000,000 worth of debt
  • Provide over 2,100 educational programs and over 2,500 self-paced online educational modules to an audience of nearly 34,000 participants
  • Assist over 1,500 consumers in managing more than $15,000,000 in Social Security benefits through CrissCross, our representative payee division
  • Provide financial wellness tools and resources to over 500,000 employees, members, and customers through the newly rebranded Mapping Your Future Financial Solutions

MMI Annual Report 2016


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