Annual Reports

In 2018, Money Management International continued to meet the evolving challenges of consumers, transforming our services and operations in an effort to better serve the needs of our clients. This included releasing a completely redesigned primary website and launching an innovative post-disaster financial recovery program in response to catastrophic events throughout the United States. Together, our dedicated teams were able to:

  • Field nearly 750,000 calls from consumers seeking answers to their most pressing needs
  • Reach over 200,000 individuals and families across the country through our counseling and education programs
  • Service over 73,000 active debt management plans, helping clients repay nearly $300,000,000 worth of debt
  • Provide financial wellness tools and resources to over 550,000 employees, members, and customers through our Financial Solutions program        
  • Deliver college planning, financial aid, and loan management education services to nearly 800,000 students through our Mapping Your Future division