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Can you save money ordering your groceries online?

By Emilie Burke | 6/21/2018

Grocery stores are hoping to make your life easier and encourage you to shop more frequently by offering delivery and curbside pickup services. Everyone’s getting in on it, from the chain grocery stores, to the local stores, to Walmart. But can it save you money?

Five steps to take if you are sued by a creditor

By Emilie Burke | 6/19/2018

If you receive a letter that you’re being sued by a creditor, it can be terrifying. Before panic truly sets in, take a deep breath and pull yourself together. There are some things you can do to keep this bad situation from getting worse.

Three rules of thumb for deal chasers

By Emilie Burke | 6/16/2018

When is a good deal not a good enough deal? Coupons, sales, and specials can be enticing, but they’re not always the best deal. True deal chasers know when to walk away from what may seem like a good deal and you should too.

How to find your credit utilization ratio

By Emilie Burke | 6/13/2018

Trying to determine your credit score, how it’s calculated, and how to improve it can seem overwhelming, but it really comes down to just a few key factors. One of those factors is your credit utilization ratio.

Solving the most common financial challenges facing seniors

By Jesse Campbell | 6/11/18

Seniors face unique financial challenges. Anyone approaching or in retirement needs to be prepared for the inevitable shifts in income and spending that come with such a major life change.

What does it mean to go into foreclosure?

By Louis DeNicola | 6/10/2018

Facing eviction and losing the time, equity, and love you’ve put into a home can be a sad and scary prospect. But it’s important to remember that even if you’re months behind on your mortgage payments, there may be ways to remedy the foreclosure and keep your home.

How to apply for disability benefits

By Emilie Burke | 6/5/2018

If you’re in a situation where you need to apply for disability benefits, there are a few things you should know. First and most importantly, it is a long process.

Pros and cons of meal kits

By Emilie Burke | 6/1/2018

You can’t turn on the TV or flip through a magazine anymore without seeing an ad for a meal kit service. But are they worth it? There are some pros and cons of meal kits to consider before ordering your first box.

Getting medications when you have no income

By Emilie Burke | 5/29/2018

The cost of prescription meds is on the rise, making it challenging to get what you need if you have no income. There are ways to get the medications you need though. And at little or no cost to you.

How to diet on a tight budget

By Emilie Burke | 5/26/2018

Whether you’re doing Whole30, Paleo, Keto, or just trying to eat healthier overall, you can do it all on a tight budget. Here’s how.

Living consistently with an inconsistent income

By Emilie Burke | 5/23/2018

Is there a way to live consistently with an inconsistent income? Yes. But it does take some planning, budgeting, and saving. Here’s what you need to know.

What is credit restoration and is it ever legitimate?

By Emilie Burke | 5/19/2018

If you’re struggling to improve a low credit score, credit restoration can sound like a great option. But what is it and does it really work?

Low risk alternatives to traditional savings accounts

By Emilie Burke | 5/15/2018

A traditional savings account is a great option if you’re just starting your savings journey, but most don’t provide a good opportunity for earning interest and growing your funds.

Food and Depression – Eating well when you aren’t feeling well

By Emilie Burke | 5/14/2018

What you eat can play a big role in your mental health. Unfortunately, the things we tend to eat when we aren't feeling well can actually make things worse. Here are some steps you can take to help improve your mood, even when you're already struggling.

What is a short sale?

By Emilie Burke | 5/8/2018

If you’re in the market for a new home, or possibly looking for a way out of your current home, you’ve probably heard about the short sale option. But what does it mean, how does it work, and does it make sense for you?

Who decides how much your medications cost?

By Emilie Burke | 5/6/2018

Many Americans with serious illnesses like cancer or heart conditions can expect to pay $1,000 a month or more out of pocket every month for necessary. So, who decides how much your medications cost and how do they make that determination?

How to save time and money with meal prepping

By Emilie Burke | 4/30/2018

Meal prepping is the art of preparing multiple meals all at once, which you either refrigerate or freeze until you’re ready to eat. It may sound difficult and time consuming, but the reality is that it will save you both time and money.

Financially supporting students doesn't have to cost anything

By Thomas Nitzsche | 4/25/2018

When it comes to poor financial health, we tend to think money is the only solution, but that's simply not true.

How much credit card debt is okay when buying a home?

By Emilie Burke | 4/24/2018

So, you're thinking of buying a home, but you have some credit card debt. How will that debt affect the mortgage application process?

What debt should you pay off first?

By Emilie Burke | 4/16/2018

Where should you be focusing your debt repayment efforts? Not all strategies are equal when it comes to debt repayment.

What's a reasonable amount to spend on lunch every day?

By Emilie Burke | 4/10/2018

Packing your lunch every day can be time consuming, but eating out every day gets expensive. What's your midday meal costing you?

Can credit card debt be rolled into my mortgage?

By Emilie Burke | 4/3/2018

How easy is it to use the equity in your home to repay debt, and when should you consider doing it?

What happens if you close a credit card that still has a balance?

By Louis DeNicola | 3/27/2018

You know that even if your credit card is closed, you still need to pay any remaining balance - but there are a few other important repercussions you should be aware of.

Early warning signs you're carrying too much debt

By Emilie Burke | 3/21/2018

While many people know when their finances are in significant trouble, you may not recognize the early warning signs that you’re carrying too much debt.

Everything you need to know about settling your debt

By Emilie Burke | 3/13/2018

If you’re in debt, have fallen behind on your payments, and collection agencies are starting to call, settling your debt may seem like the best option. And it very well could be, but there are some things you should know first.

Should I repay my debt or invest my money?

By Emilie Burke | 3/2/2018

Which is better, paying off debt or investing your money? There’s no quick and easy answer to this question. The decision involves some comparison between what your debt is costing you and what you expect to make in return for your investments. It also involves taking a close look at your financial situation.

How does bankruptcy impact your credit score?

By Louis DeNicola | 2/26/2018

Regardless of the type of bankruptcy you declare, it will likely have a considerably negative impact on your credit. How long that damage lasts and how easy it is to recover from depends on a number of factors.

Can credit card debt follow me overseas?

By Emilie Burke | 2/21/2018

If you’re heavily in debt and don’t see a way out, moving to another country may seem like an appealing way to start over. But it’s not as easy as you may think and it comes with a few problems you may not find appealing. If it’s something you’re thinking about, here’s what you need to know:

How to set-up a debt repayment plan with the IRS

By Emilie Burke | 2/16/2018

Owing money to the IRS can leave you feeling stressed and buried in debt. But don’t worry, there’s good news. Just like making monthly payments on your credit card, you can make payments to the IRS to take care of your tax debt before they take more aggressive action.

Get a side gig last year? Here's how your taxes could change

By Louis DeNicola | 2/15/2018

The new tax bill has people riled up. But no matter how you feel about it, take a step back and remember that the taxes you file in 2018 are for your earnings from 2017. The new tax bill won’t affect those. And if you took on additional contract work last year, perhaps driving for a ride-sharing app, freelancing, or selling items online, your tax return might be a little more complicated than it was in the past.


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