Ivan L. Hand, Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ivan L. Hand, Jr. Since joining MMI as President and CEO in 2000, Ivan Hand has led the organization to become the nation’s leader in nonprofit financial wellness solutions.

Following a successful career spanning global energy, industry relations, industrial services, and more, Ivan arrived at MMI eager to apply his skills in a new way, one that would clearly improve the lives of others. He prioritized innovation, collaboration, and responsiveness in our services, leading to the rapid development of new programs, designed to address emerging consumer struggles. To make these programs widely accessible, MMI became the first agency of its kind to build a nationwide call center, while increasing its reach through a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions.

As a result, MMI’s consumer base grew over 2,000 percent during the first ten years of Ivan’s leadership, taking an organization that had once been on the brink of bankruptcy and turning it into the nation’s largest full-service, nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency.

Nearly two decades later, Ivan continues to push MMI beyond the traditional bounds of the credit counseling space, exploring unique opportunities with low-income rental housing, cutting edge FinTech, and healthcare providers, making MMI a true industry leader in every sense of the word.

Ivan serves on the Board of Trustees for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and the Board of Directors of Advanced Communications and Information Services. He has previously served on the Government Relations Committee for the Greater Houston Partnership and the Advisory Council for George Washington University’s Financial Services Research Program.