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Every client has a story. Setbacks. Hard work. Success. When you hear their stories you may be surprised at how much of yourself you see in their circumstances. No matter the differences, however, the end result is the same across every story - they decided to make a change and reached their goals as a result. You can do the same.

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  • If don’t really enjoy having to pay meticulous attention to your finances, consider creating a money flow system instead. It's a great "set it and forget it" budgeting option that helps build savings and doesn't require you to track every single transaction. Here’s how to go about creating your own money flow system:
  • For retirees, there are protections in place to help keep your Social Security and VA benefits secure. However, if you default on federal student loans, those protections might not help. Fortunately, you have a few options that could help restore your full Social Security benefits. Here's what you need to know.
  • It’s perfectly normal to feel disappointed when we make financial mistakes. But there’s a fine line between feeling disappointed and beating yourself up. If you’re carrying around guilt over debt or budgeting missteps, today's the day you turn those bad feelings into positive actions.
  • You may be looking forward to full blown, do-nothing-at-all retirement, but a better alternative might be to instead ease into your golden years while working part-time. Here are some of the many perks of choosing semi-retirement:
  • Should you fall ill or get into an accident and aren’t able to work for awhile, short-term disability insurance can replace some of your income until you’re back on your feet. While it can benefit anyone, there are certain workers who should strongly consider getting short-term disability insurance.
  • When it comes to natural disaster preparedness, planning for the worst is actually the best way to avoid long-term negative outcomes. Despite this fact, most individuals are not ready for a natural disaster to strike, and neither are many of the financial institutions that serve them.
  • Your credit score is a crucial part of your overall financial health, but building strong credit can be tricky when you’re first starting out. One solution that’s started to gain popularity recently is rent reporting, which adds your monthly rent payment history to your credit report. Here’s what you need to know.
  • In our era of the side hustle, there’s certainly no dearth of ways to earn an extra buck. However, you might find yourself paralyzed by all the options. Which side hustle is right for you? And how can you begin? Here are some pointers to help you decide:
  • The FIRE (financial independence, retire early) method stresses cutting your expenses and investing as much money as possible in order to stop working much earlier in life. FIRE techniques can be extreme, but you don't have to plan on retiring in your 30s to benefit from understanding the method.
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