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Every client has a story. Setbacks. Hard work. Success. When you hear their stories you may be surprised at how much of yourself you see in their circumstances. No matter the differences, however, the end result is the same across every story - they decided to make a change and reached their goals as a result. You can do the same.

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  • Online lenders can be a convenient and easy source of money. You can often quickly apply online and receive the funds in your account within a few days. However, working with a financial institution that has brick and mortar locations has its benefits as well. If you’re considering an online-only lender, review these pros and cons first.
  • For most of us, getting out of debt is a marathon and not a race. It can be a long, grueling process, and along the way despair and exhaustion may start creeping in. This is "debt fatigue" and it's perfectly normal. Fortunately, though, it's also avoidable. Here's how.
  • While it's true that building a strong credit score can help you get better terms on loans and other financial products, you may have noticed that the interest rates for credit cards keep going up, no matter how hard you work on your credit. Here's why that's happening and what you can do about it.
  • Side hustles like Uber driving and housesitting can be great ways to earn extra income, but the hourly pay off can be a little underwhelming. One solution is to "stack" side hustles - in other words, maximizing your time and resources to complete multiple jobs at a time and earn more money. Here's how:
  • If you’re nearing retirement, you may worry that a lower income or diminishing savings could hurt your credit. However, neither your income nor your savings are part of the credit scoring calculations. Here are three things that can actually make a big impact.
  • Debt in the U.S. is at an all-time high. According to the Federal Reserve, consumer debt, for the first time, has exceeded a staggering $4 trillion. If you have multiple debts - as most consumers do - you may be feeling an added anxiety as you try to determine where to focus. Here are some pointers on how to prioritize your debts.
  • As Hurricane Dorian bears down on mainland United States, safety should be a top priority, and those in the storm’s path should be prepared to evacuate or shelter in place for up to a week. To help you prepare, MMI and Project Porchlight suggest the following steps in advance of Dorian’s landfall.
  • Recovering from a natural disaster is an arduous process, requiring time, resources, and fortitude on multiple fronts. While it’s undoubtedly a difficult journey, nobody has to go through the process alone. Thankfully, there are organizations ready to help you return to normal as soon as possible.
  • If your student loans are in default due to non-payment, you’re going to want to rehabilitate your loans in order to avoid some fairly dire potential consequences. Here’s what you need to know about the loan rehabilitation process.
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