Vivien Rayam

Senior Director, Business Development

Vivien Rayam

Vivien Rayam is Senior Director of Business Development at MMI, the largest provider of nonprofit financial counseling and education in the United States. She specializes in developing and managing the fee-for-service programs at MMI and its Clearpoint division. Vivien also develops and expands existing local and national partnerships. She has worked in the housing industry for nearly 15 years.

A strong advocate of financial education, Vivien managed Peer Learning and Communications for the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) Program, an $853 million initiative that supported up to 1,700 housing counseling agencies and helped over two-million homeowners mitigate foreclosure. At MMI, Vivien provides oversight for MMI’s Financial Solutions Program, a highly customizable education program for credit unions and employers, aimed at increasing productivity, reducing healthcare costs, improving morale, reducing turnover, and creating more financially stable consumers and employees.

Based at MMI’s contact center in Atlanta, Vivien has been sourced as a subject matter expert on predatory lending and income and racial disparity issues in housing. She has presented at numerous conferences and assemblies, including the National Association of Housing Counselors & Agencies, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, National Housing Conference, and several state events. Vivien received a Senate Citation for her leadership in the passing of anti-predatory legislation in Rhode Island.

Vivien’s areas of expertise include: predatory lending, foreclosure prevention, lending disparities, financial wellness, and business development. Vivien is available for speaking engagements throughout the United States and can be booked by contacting Thomas Nitzsche at 404.490.2227.

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