Jim Triggs

President and CEO

Jim Triggs

Jim Triggs is President and CEO of MMI, the largest nonprofit credit counseling agency in the United States. Since joining the organization over 20 years ago, Jim has increased the accessibility and efficiency of MMI’s core counseling programs, leveraging emerging technology and proven best practices to reach more consumers in more places than ever before.

Jim is passionate about MMI’s mission to Improve Lives through Financial Education and has continually embraced innovation in the pursuit of programs and services that properly adapt to a changing consumer landscape, maximizing the potential of MMI’s talented workforce to serve a wide range of consumer pain points. His promotion of speech analytics has given MMI deeper insight into the needs of its clients, providing a strong foundation for both effective employee training and more nuanced marketing. Jim oversees all of MMI’s many counseling, support, training, marketing, information technology, and account management teams, spanning local branches and major call centers across the country.

Based at MMI’s largest contact center in Phoenix, Jim has been sourced by the media as a subject matter expert on consumer issues for Forbes, Nerdwallet, The Street, The Fiscal Times, network television affiliates, and others. He presented at the American Fair Credit Council Annual Conference on Nonprofit Credit Counseling Trends and was a keynote speaker at the NICE Interactions Customer Conference. Jim supported MMI’s joint research study, In Search of a Fresh Start, with the University of Illinois and contributed to the book Credit Repair Kit for Dummies. He volunteers as CEO and chairman of the board of the Surprise Sundancers, a nonprofit supporting youth-focused programs.

Jim’s areas of expertise include: marketplace lending, credit and collections, contact center management, speech analytics, and consumer finance issues. Jim is available for speaking engagements throughout the United States and can be booked by contacting Thomas Nitzsche at 404.490.2227.

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