Speakers Bureau

MMI is the largest provider of nonprofit financial counseling and education solutions in the United States, empowering millions of Americans over the last 60 years to achieve their goals. Our team has decades of experience in delivering world-class interventions to consumers when and where they need it most, often in partnership with some of the most respected brands in the country. Our speakers are driven to showcase their expertise and inform the next generation of solutions for today’s consumers and service providers alike.

MMI provides speakers and panelists on subjects across improving retention and default rates, credit and debt trends, military and Hispanic-focused services, medical and student loan debt, disaster recovery, call center operations, organizational financial wellness, homeownership, e-learning, and more. We present to industry, government, and professional groups of 100+ attendees on a national level. Examples include trade association conventions, lending and loan servicer conferences, human resource symposiums, and housing summits.

How Do I Schedule a Speaker?

Speaking engagements may be requested by contacting MMI’s communications lead, Thomas Nitzsche, at 404-490-2227.

How Much Will It Cost?

MMI provides subject matter experts to approved events throughout the United States at no cost to the organizer or host. Travel reimbursement is accepted, when available.

Who Is Available?

MMI evaluates speaker requests according to the forum, subject matter, and the availability of our speakers. Please note that our speakers may have limited availability and are not offered outside of the United States.

Subject Matter Experts

Jeanine Lipka

Jeanine Lipka

  • Homeownership
  • Fee-for-Service Programs
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Bankruptcy

Jeanine Lipka is Vice President of Housing and Bankruptcy Services at MMI, one of the largest national housing counseling intermediaries in the United States. Jeanine provides oversight for all of MMI’s housing counseling programs, as well as the Project Porchlight disaster recovery unit and Nevada 2-1-1 call center. See more

Jim Triggs

Jim Triggs

  • Marketplace Lending
  • Contact Center Management
  • Credit and Collections
  • Speech Analytics
  • Consumer Finance Issues

Jim Triggs is President and CEO of MMI. His focus for the past 20 years has been increasing the accessibility and efficiency of MMI’s core counseling programs, leveraging emerging technology to reach more consumers than ever before. See more

Catherin Mueller

Catherine Mueller

  • College Financial Aid
  • Student Loans
  • Scholarships
  • Educational Access and Success
  • Communications and Public Relations

Catherine Mueller is the Executive Director of Mapping Your Future, a division of MMI, providing college prep, financial aid, and financial literacy services. See more

Vivien Rayam

Vivien Rayam

  • Predatory Lending
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Lending Disparities
  • Financial Wellness
  • Business Development

Vivien Rayam is Senior Director of Business Development, specializing in developing and managing the fee-for-service programs at MMI and its Clearpoint division. See more

Amy Lins

Amy Lins

  • Workplace Financial Wellness
  • Employee Learning
  • eLearning
  • Instructional Design
  • Leadership Development

Amy Lins is Senior Director of Learning and Development, leading MMI’s learning and development team, which includes instructional design, employee training, and consumer financial wellness education. See more

Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones

  • Income Inequality
  • At-risk Populations
  • Counseling Trends
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Community Engagement

Michelle Jones is Chief Development Officer at MMI, where she provides the vision and direction behind MMI’s ongoing commitment to realizing new programs, services, and partnerships. See more

Mik Todd

Mik Todd

  • Military Culture and Customs
  • Active-duty to Civilian Transition
  • Military Financial Wellness
  • Veteran Resources and Benefits
  • Personal Financial Planning

Mik Todd is the military financial wellness program manager for Military Reconnect, MMI’s veterans’ service program. He is a combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, having served six years in the United States Navy as Fleet Marine Force Corpsman. See more

Maura Attardi

Maura Attardi

  • Athlete Financial Education
  • Psychology of Money
  • Financial Communication
  • Organizational Financial Wellness
  • Financial Wellness Platforms

Maura Attardi is Director of Financial Wellness at MMI, with a special focus on educating professional athletes. She has extensive experience providing impactful education programs to large and diverse audiences. See more

Kate Bulger

Kate Bulger

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Partnership Ideation
  • Reducing Organizational Risk
  • Homebuyer Readiness
  • Data Analysis

Kate Bulger is Director of Business Development at MMI, the largest provider of nonprofit financial counseling and education in the United States. She specializes in developing and expanding the fee-for-service programs at MMI and its Clearpoint division. See more

Emanuel Rivero

Emanuel Rivero

  • Hispanic Finances
  • Community Partner Development
  • Program Outcome Analysis
  • Medical Debt
  • Small Business Credit and Side Hustles

Emanuel Rivero is Director of the Hispanic Centers for Financial Excellence (HCFE). He specializes in the Latino financial experience in the United States, with a focus on helping newer residents understand, access, and engage the financial system. See more