Are you eligible for mortgage relief?

For many, unraveling the maze of eligibility requirements to qualify for mortgage assistance can be difficult.  Thankfully, there is a new free service called Mortgage Relief Online that helps U.S. homeowners to determine if they may be eligible for mortgage relief under the government’s new Making Home Affordable plan.

Mortgage Relief Online is sponsored by MyFico (the company that offers the FICO credit score to millions of individuals each year), the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (nonprofit dedicated to reducing foreclosures and preserving homeownership), and Money Management International (us). The program is designed to help reach the approximately 7 to 9 million U.S. homeowners that qualify for a loan modification or refinancing under the Making Home Affordable plan.

If you are interested in Mortgage Relief Online, please rest assured that the service is completely free and confidential.  No one is obligated to purchase any product or enroll in a subscription to use the service.

Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.