An open break-up letter to debt

Dear Debt,

How did we get here?

It seems like just yesterday we were so carefree – going out to eat, shopping at my favorite boutiques, relaxing on weekend getaways – living it up! And while I was warned you could be bad for me, I ignored the naysayers – after all, we were having so much fun! Plus, there was enough give-and-take to sustain our whirlwind romance.

But things have changed. You have changed.

You began taking more than you gave, and that was really hard for me. And eventually I found myself questioning if the fun we had was really worth the stress and pain you were putting me through.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that relationships aren't one-sided. And there’s definitely more I could have done to keep us on the right track. But when I did try to salvage what we had left, you were unforgiving. You refused to budge no matter how hard I tried. In fact, it seems like the harder I tried, the more steadfast you became.

Well, I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of focusing on you. It’s time to focus on me.

I want my efforts to be valued — and I want to see progress. I don’t want to work hard at something, only to find myself stuck in the same miserable, unhappy place. After all, I have a lot to give! I am a kind, generous, hard-working person. But all you make me feel is worthless, pathetic and stressed. And I don’t deserve that.

I want my life back.

I’m tired of sitting here hoping things will change. I’ve realized that change doesn’t happen unless I make it happen. So I’m making a decision that I know will change my life for the better.

I’m breaking up with you.

For good.



P.S. And we are never, ever, ever getting back together!


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Jessica Horton is a former copywriter and community manager at MMI.