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Repaying Credit Card Debt

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Kickstart your debt repayment

You're ready to get out of debt - and we can help make that happen.

The key to finally repaying your credit card debt is this: it needs to fit your budget and your life. When debt starts to balloon, things get out of balance and you find yourself forced to make difficult choices. "Do I fix my car, or do I pay my credit card bill?" "Do I pay my electric bill or make more than the minimum payment on my credit card bill?"

When the choice is between life and debt, debt comes in second every time. As it should! But then how do you ever get your arms around all the debt?


The debt management plan (or DMP) from MMI was created as an acknowledgement that good people sometimes experience hard times and the answer isn’t to make things even harder. Instead, wouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interests to make things a little easier? That’s what a DMP does – it makes repaying your debt easier. How?

  • Single, monthly consolidated payment
  • Plan designed to fit your budget
  • Reduced interest rate on most credit card accounts

A DMP helps make debt repayment simple and affordable for anyone feeling overwhelmed with credit card debt. 

If you're ready to start making real progress on your credit card debt, give us a call or complete a free online counseling session to see if a DMP is a good fit for you.


How a Debt Management Plan Works
Is one right for you?

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It all starts by understanding your situation. Together we review your finances to see if a DMP makes sense for you.

We create a plan that suits you. Sometimes getting out of debt can be a steep hill to climb. But if you’re willing to work hard, we can give you a game plan that helps you keep living your life while making steady progress on your debt.

We work with your creditors. Most major creditors offer lower interest rates and other benefits for repaying through a DMP, making it much easier to get out of debt in a reasonable amount of time.

You make one payment a month. You make one payment to MMI every month, and we pay your creditors on your behalf. Most DMPs are completed in less than five years.

Take control of your debt

Skeptical? That’s only natural. This is your money we’re talking about. It’s normal to be apprehensive and have some concerns. We promise to always be transparent and upfront about what’s happening and what it means. 

Will a DMP hurt my credit?
Will a DMP hurt my credit?

You may see a dip in your score immediately after beginning your DMP, with a  dramatic improvement once your debt is repaid in full.

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Will you talk to my creditors?
Will you talk to my creditors?

All of our counseling sessions are completely confidential. We will only contact your creditors if you decide to begin a DMP, in order to set up your repayment plan. 

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Are there fees associated with a DMP?
Are there fees associated with a DMP?

Yes. Most DMPs include an initial set-up fee, as well as a monthly fee, the amount of which is based on the size of your debt payments and your state of residence. However, you may be eligible for reduced or waived fees. Ask your counselor for more details.

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Can you help me even if I've missed some payments?
Can you help me even if I've missed some payments?

You can still benefit from a debt management plan even if you've become delinquent on your credit card accounts. Depending on the creditor and the severity of the delinquency, your accounts may even be considered current after a certain number of DMP payments.   

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Is this the same thing as a consolidation loan?
Is this the same thing as a consolidation loan?

A debt management plan is not a loan. You simply make a single payment each month which is dispersed to all your creditors. You will continue to receive monthly statements from each of your creditors. 

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They've been where you are today
Nonprofit solutions that work

You’re faced with a lot of options when it comes to repaying credit card debt. Taking action and putting your faith in someone else to help you deal with something as personal as unmanageable debt is no small thing. So why go with MMI?

  1. Value
    It’s not just about getting out of debt – it’s about saving you money in the process. Most clients experience significant savings over the course of a DMP.
  2. Expertise
    We know money management – it’s right there in the name. We have 60 years of experience providing financial counseling and advice. Our counselors are trained experts. A DMP can help you get out of debt; our expertise can help you stay out of debt.
  3. Speed
    When you’re ready to go, so are we. You can begin the process any time. Counselors are available by telephone 24/7 and our online counseling is always available. Questions? Problems? Answers and assistance are just a phone call or an email away.
Alicia, an MMI counselor
Don’t forget – debt and budget counseling is always free and you’re under no obligation to use any of our other services, including debt management plan. Let our counselors give you an estimated repayment forecast and you can decide if a DMP is right for you. If you’re unhappy or unsatisfied for any reason, you can cancel at any time.