Missing the Fix It Shops

Remember Luis and Maria Rodriguez from Sesame Street?  Whatever happened to people like them?  I don’t mean people who hang out with puppets, I mean people that fix stuff. 

Earlier this week, I broke yet another hairdryer.  I go through about a hairdryer a year.   I am working on being less wasteful, so I thought that I might try to have the dryer fixed rather than replace it (again).  The only problem is that a replacement hairdryer only costs $13.  Even if I could find someone to repair the old one (which I can’t), it would probably cost that much in gas just to cart the thing to and from the repair shop. 

As Dumb Little Man points out, repairing a larger appliance can make sense.  Unfortunately, I am not sure the same argument holds true for the toasters of the world.  Since I can't commit to learning how to repair small appliances, I think my only option is to spend a little more money on a higher quality hairdryer that is less likely to break.  The price tag of a fancy hairdryer can be 10 times that of the one I currently use, so I hope it lasts at least 10 years!

Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.