MyMMI is MMI's online account management portal. You can use it to make payments, review and sign documents, update creditor balances, change contact information, and much more. We highly recommend connecting your DMP to a MyMMI account.

Connecting your DMP to a MyMMI account is a simple, two-step process.

Step 1: Create a MyMMI account

1. Go to

2. Enter information in the fields that appear

      2a. Enter your first name

      2b. Enter your last name

      2c. Enter your email address

      2d. Select a username

    • Cannot be an email address
    • Minimum of 6 characters
    • Use letters and numbers only

      2e. Create a password

    • Must be minimum of 8 characters, that include at least:
      • 1 uppercase letter, and
      • 1 numerical value, and
      • 1 of these special characters: !  @  #  $  %  ^  &  *  (  )  -  _

3. Click Next Step

4. Create three security questions

    • Be sure to use the tab key or mouse cursor (not the enter key) to move from security question to security question

5. Click Create Account

Step 2: Link your DMP to your MyMMI account

1. Click the button labeled "Activate my Debt Management Plan"
    (Please note: your DMP is already active, this process simply
     connects your active DMP to your new MyMMI account)

2. Click Enter

      2a. Enter the last 4 digits of the social security number

      2b. Enter your new MMI Client ID# (This is your former Clearpoint ID# followed by -4)

4. Click Submit

5. To begin managing your DMP, click the tab marked "Debt Management Plan"

Congratulations! Your DMP is now linked to your MyMMI account. You can access your DMP information anytime by logging into your online account.