Welcome to Money Management International!

Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions (Clearpoint) has officially merged with Money Management International (MMI). We look forward to providing ongoing support and counseling to you!

MMI is the nation's largest full service, nonprofit credit counseling organization with contact centers in Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana, and 57 in-person branch counseling offices across 34 states. We have over 50 years of experience helping consumers overcome financial obstacles. Additionally, we are accredited by the Council on Accreditation and certified as a National Housing Counseling Organization by HUD.

What does this merger mean to you?

Let's start with what won't change.

  • Same monthly payment
  • Same interest rates
  • Same path to becoming debt-free

The terms of your DMP will not change. What will change is the number of tools and resources available to help you reach your goals and pay off your debt quickly. Thanks to MMI and Clearpoint joining forces, you will now have access to:

  • Enhanced online account management features
  • Expanded staff
  • More ways to pay

Your Debt Management Plan

Your Debt Management Plan (DMP) will be transferred from Clearpoint to Money Management International (MMI). The process will begin on Friday, March 31st and will be complete by the start of business on Monday, April 3rd.

During this three-day transition period, you will not be able to access your DMP online through the Clearpoint and MMI websites. Online account access will be available through our MyMMI online portal beginning April 3rd.

Take control of your DMP with MyMMI

MyMMI is MMI's online account management portal. It allows you to review statements, change payment information, update balances, monitor your progress, and much more.

Create a MyMMI account and take control of your DMP today!

Your Client ID#

When speaking with an MMI representative or connecting your DMP to your MyMMI account, you will need your Client ID#. This is simply your current Clearpoint program ID with a "-4" added on to the end. Your first statement from MMI will clearly indicate your Client ID#.

MMI Contact Information

PHONE: 888.845.5669 (client support available from 8am-8pm ET, Mon-Fri)
FAX: 888.845.0501
EMAIL: SupportServices@MoneyManagement.org

Money Management International
14141 Southwest Fwy, Suite 1000
Sugar Land, TX 77478-3494

Additional Information

Creditors | MMI will contact your creditors as needed to discuss this change – you will not need to contact your creditors directly.

Manual Payments | If your payments are not automatically debited each month, you will be able to make manual electronic payments through our online client portal, MyMMI. If you prefer to mail your payments, you can send all payments (being sure to include your client number) to the following address:

Money Management International
P O Box 2075
Sugar Land, TX 77478-2075

We are eager to help you reach your financial goals and repay your debt. Please be sure to contact us using the above information if you have any questions.