Developing a sense of courage Sarahs story

Throughout Financial Literacy Month, the blog will give voice to consumers who have overcome financial challenges. Through their own words, these consumers will tell you about what it was like to be in and repay unmanageable debt. They will also share inspiring words about the many ways their lives have changed as a result of their debt repayment efforts.

Following is Sarah’s story.

Although I had knowingly indebted myself for most of the tens of thousands of dollars I needed to repay for a very meaningful purpose, I also felt scared and irresponsible about money before and during the time I built up the debt. After finishing repaying all that money, I felt victorious. My last payment was in October and at the following Thanksgiving (the only day my entire family spends time together) I announced at the table that I had finished all the repayment to a very happy and congratulatory reception. What a great feeling, something I had never felt around money before.

During the course of repayment, I found myself becoming increasingly financially stable and flush. While I still don't have a lot of money "to my name" I've developed a sense of courage, if that's the right word, as opposed to fearfulness about having enough. I use the word courage, not security, because I don't know if I really believe security is very real, but I'm no longer afraid of not having enough. I'm currently supporting me and my son in a manner that feels good and seeing myself as taking car e of what needs to be taken care of fairly well.

I didn't have or use credit cards before intentionally utilizing them and incurring that large debt and again now have and use none.

I suppose the best benefit of finishing with the repayment is the knowledge that if I apply myself one step at a time toward anything, even if it appears insurmountable at the moment, I can go far.

With appreciation,

Sarah W

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Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.