Dining out for Dad's Day

People who plan to buy gifts for Father’s Day say that they plan to spend about the same for dad that they planned to spend on mom for Mother’s Day—around $70.  Yet, forty-three percent of dads surveyed for the 2008 Discover(R) Card Father's Day Shopping Survey said that it was appropriate to spend $50 or less their Father's Day gift.    So, what can you get dad for $50 or less?  How about something he’d actually like?  Surveyed dads said they most want a dinner out.  Sound expensive and perhaps boring?  Here are a four inexpensive ways to give your dad the Father’s Day dinner he deserves.

-Take him out to the ballpark.  Grab some cheap seats and some hotdogs for a fun filled “dinner” dad will love.  (This is what Matt is getting for Father’s Day this year.  Don’t worry—he hardly ever reads my posts!)

-Dine alfresco.  Pack a picnic and head to the park.  Spend some quality time with dad by playing a game of catch—something dads of all ages love.

-Peak early.  Take dad out to breakfast instead of dinner.  It will be a nice surprise and breakfast out can be much more affordable than dinner out.  Plus, as many dads are fond of saying “the early bird gets the worm.” (In retrospect, I guess that was not a very appetizing choice of quotes!)

-Go for a sweet treat.  Instead of an expensive dinner out, treat dad to dessert out.  Fifty dollars can go pretty far at even the nicest restaurants when you skip straight to the last course.  Or, head to the ice cream parlor where the nostalgia comes for free.

Don't worry if your budget doensn't allow for even a modest meal, a close second on dad's wish list is a home made gift.


Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.