Use it if you’ve got it: Today is special enough

I just got invited to an Open That Bottle Night party on February 28. This annual event was masterminded by wine writers for the Wall Street Journal who decided that it was time to open those precious bottles of wine we’ve been saving for a special occasion. The philosophy behind this event is that “you should worry less about what is the perfect moment for the wine than what is the perfect moment for you.” I just love that.

The concept made me think that perhaps the key to getting through tough economic times without feeling deprived is to use and enjoy what we already have. I started making a list of things I’ve been saving, or at least rationing, for an unnamed special occasion.

• Pair of expensive shoes (I actually didn’t pay that much—they were on clearance)
• Nice jewelry
• Quilt my grandmother made
• Olive oil from France
• Perfume
• Good camera

I guess I’ve been afraid to use up or wear out something that I treasure. Or maybe I just think I can or should do without things that are so valued. However, I am now beginning to realize that I'm not really loving the whole martyr thing. Other reasons to stop the madness include:

• The stuff might not improve with age.
• As precious as it seems, it is still only stuff.
• It is frugal and environmentally friendly to use what I’ve got.
• Today is special enough.

What have you been saving? Are you ready to finally put it to use?


Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.