Happy National Regifting Day!

It’s official! We recently received very serious looking document from Colorado Governor Bill Ritter proclaiming December 18 as National Regifting Day!

What is National Regifting Day you ask? Well, National Regifting Day is a good-natured way to get consumers talking about an issue they are often reluctant to discuss—holiday spending. Since 1958, my nonprofit organization has encouraged consumers to consider all possible ways to make the most of their resources. That is why we observe National Regifting Day on the Thursday before Christmas. The date was selected in honor of holiday office parties and the “unique” gifts exchanged at them.

If you are unsure about the concept of regifting, you can rest assured that the majority (60%) of people think that regifting is becoming more accepted; the top two reasons are to save money and the environment. For the first time in history, consumers are considering the impact of the holidays not only on their pocketbook, but on the environment. The good news is that “going green” doesn’t mean forgoing all gift-giving and decorating. Regifting is a small step towards reducing this holiday’s environmental impact.

Before you rush out to celebrate, be sure to read the official regifting party rules.

Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.