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Draw A Picture:



Read this story

Sister earned $20 taking care of her neighbor's pets. She went to Bear Country Store and bought a honeycomb on a stick, a new baby bear doll, and some bear bubble gum. She also paid to hear the Bear Country Band. When she got home, she counted the money that she had left. There was $10. Sister put that money in her piggy bank. On Tuesday, Mama took Sister to the Bear Country Bank to put her money in her savings account.

Complete The Sentences:

Use the Word Bank to complete these sentences.

  1. The $20 that Sister earned taking care of pets is called____________________.
  2. Usually people __________some of their income and __________the rest.
  3. Things we want that we can touch and use are called ____________________.
  4. Activities that people do for us are called______________________.
  5. The bank will pay Sister ___________________________ on her savings.

Word Bank:

save income spend services interest goods

Color the bills below that add up to the amount Sister saved from the $20 that she earned.

$5 Bill

$1 Bill

$20 Bill

$1 Bill

$1 Bill

$5 Bill