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You forgot to pay your electric bill.

Pay $10 late fee.
You missed a payment on your new bike.

Pay $5 fee.
You paid your bills on time.

Way to go!
You paid off your credit card bill.

Nice Job!
You made your own lunch instead of buying pizza.

You saved $2 (add to your money).
You made a deposit into your savings account.

Earn $5 in interest.
You paid off your credit bill ahead of time.

Earn $10 rebate.
You did not repay your teacher the money you borrowed.

Pay $4 late fee.
You borrowed money from your friend and did not pay it back.

Pay $2 penalty.
You bought the toy that was on sale.

You saved $5 (add to your money).
You couldn't go on the field trip because you spent the money on baseball cards.

Pay $3 penalty.
You did not put any money in your savings this month.

Pay $5 penalty.