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To buy an outfit (cap, shirt, jeans, socks, shoes) and have $100 in cash.


  1. Cut out the "Credit Check Cards" on the lines. Shuffle them and place them face down on the rectangle at the top of the game board.

  2. Roll the die. The highest number goes first, then play proceeds counterclockwise.

  3. Place game pieces on the square marked START. Receive no money.

  4. When you stop on a square, follow the directions and fill in your tally sheet under Transaction Amount (Column A). (If you spend money, use a minus sign (­$10). If you earn money, use a plus sign (+$10).

  5. If you buy something, list it under Item I Bought (Column D).

  6. Complete the Amount I Have (Column B) and the Amount I Owe (Column C) columns on your tally sheet according to your teacher's directions.

  7. If you land on a "Buy" square, you may choose to buy that item. If you have enough money, you pay the cash amount. If you don't have enough money, you can still buy it, but you must pay the credit amount.

  8. You should never owe more than $130. If you go over the $130 limit, you must pay a $10 fee when you get some money.

  9. If you land on a "Wild Card" square, you can buy any item at its regular cash or credit price.

  10. Each time you buy a piece of clothing, circle the item at the bottom of your tally sheet.

  11. If you land on a "Bonus" square, roll the die and multiply the number on the die times $10. Add that amount to your money.

  12. If you land on a "Paycheck" square, add $50 to your money.

  13. If you land on the "Phone Bill" or "Electric Bill" squares, you must pay the bill immediately. If you do not have enough money, you must pay as much as you have, and you must pay the rest as soon as you can. On your tally sheet, write "Phone" or "Electric" and the amount in the "Amount I Owe" column.

  14. If you land on a "Credit Check" square, pick the top "Credit Check Card" and follow the directions on it. Place used cards, face up, on the game board. If all cards have been used, reshuffle and replace them in the top rectangle.

  15. If you land on the START square, you get $50. Add it to your money.

  16. Continue playing until one player has a complete outfit AND $100.

Object of The Game: