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Shop Smart, Earn Cash, Reach Your Goals

Build savings or boost your debt repayment with just a few simple steps.

Extra cash for even the tightest budget

You can do everything right and still your debt never seems to go away. You can have the best intentions and still struggle to build an adequate savings cushion.

Even when things are going well, it can be hard to find the extra cash you need to focus on those “big picture” goals. And if you’re living with an especially tight budget, it can feel almost impossible.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to earn extra cash specifically for those important financial goals.

Earn cash back on your everyday purchases

Payce helps you earn cash back for your financial goals without having to change your spending habits. When you enroll with Payce, you’ll start earning cash back from participating merchants. Those funds are then sent automatically to the account you choose.

Where could you use a little boost?

✔ Building an emergency savings account?
✔ Repaying a high interest credit card account?
✔ Paying off your student loans?
✔ Increasing your retirement fund?

You shop, you earn, you decide where your cash back will go. If you’ve been struggling to find that little bit of extra cash you need to start making your goals a reality, Payce is a great way to build savings and repay debt without having to make more cuts to your budget.

How does it work?


To begin, simply enroll with your email address or preferred social media profile at mmi.paycepays.com.


Enrolling with Payce gives you access to the online mall, where hundreds of your favorite merchants are offering cash back deals on the goods and items you’ve been purchasing all along.

You can also link your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card to your Payce account and earn cash back automatically on select purchases at top retailers and restaurants across the country.

The best way to use Payce is to avoid chasing deals or making purchases for the sole purpose of earning cash back. Shop for the items you've already budgeted for and avoid making purchases you otherwise wouldn't make.


Connect your Payce account to the debt or savings account of your choice, and the cash back you earn on qualifying purchases will be sent automatically to that account. Funds are forwarded at the end of every month, once you’ve earned $20 in cash back. If you haven’t earned $20 in rewards by the end of the month, no worries – rewards never expires. Your cash back will be ready and waiting until you hit that $20 mark.

Make progress on your goals without changing your budget. Get started with Payce today.

Visit mmi.paycepays.com

Payce is not an affiliate of Money Management International. MMI receives funding from Payce to support its efforts to offer this program to consumers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions or concerns? Payce is a third party program that we believe – when used correctly and as part of a balanced budget – can help consumers reach their financial goals. If you have specific questions not covered here, please visit the FAQ page at paycepays.com or contact support@paycepays.com

Is there a cost to use Payce?
Is there a cost to use Payce?

There is no cost to use Payce.

Do I have to provide my credit card number?
Do I have to provide my credit card number?
You aren't required to register your credit or debit card in order to shop through Payce's online mall and earn cash back on purchases. However, registering your credit or debit card will allow you to earn cash back on in-store purchases at participating restaurants and stores.
Is my credit and debit card information safe?
Is my credit and debit card information safe?
Yes. Payce and its partners tokenize, encrypt and store your card information on secure servers, which are continually tested and enhanced, to ensure that your data cannot be compromised.
Can I still earn rewards from other loyalty programs while using Payce?
Can I still earn rewards from other loyalty programs while using Payce?
Yes. Enrolling in Payce should have no impact on your existing points, miles, or cash back loyalty reward programs. The cash back you earn through Payce will be in addition to any other rewards you may earn.
How much cash back will I earn with Payce?
How much cash back will I earn with Payce?

The amount of cash back a member can earn varies based on:
  •The number of eligible purchases made
  •The amount of the eligible purchases made
  •The cash back percentage offered by the merchants on your eligible purchases

Who pays the cash back I earn?
Who pays the cash back I earn?
Participating merchants pay the cash back in return for your purchases.
Is Payce Right for Me?
Two women shopping

Payce is a great way to give your financial goals a boost. Anyone can benefit from the cash back rewards available through Payce, but the program is especially beneficial for consumers who:

— Feel confident in their ability to make smart spending choices
— Struggle to set aside money for long-term savings
— Have lingering debts they can't quite shake
— Are living with a tight, but functional budget
— Don't want to change everything about their finances in order to reach their goals

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