MMI announces merger with two counseling agencies

MMI recently announced mergers with two separate credit counseling agencies.

FinancialHope has been providing financial education services, including credit counseling and coaching, debt management assistance, and community financial education programs for local Indiana residents since 1965. Over the years, the financial educators at FinancialHope have assisted nearly one hundred thousand individuals and families overcome the burden of debt through repayment programs resulting in more than $102 million of outstanding debt.

“This partnership represents our commitment to providing our local community and clients with the highest quality consumer credit counseling services and financial education,” said Joe Schenkel, President and CEO of FinancialHope. “By combining resources with MMI, we are able to reach more consumers and offer more programs and services more effectively.”

CRISS-CROSS has been providing family and social services, including financial referral programs to assist with food, clothing, housing, utilities and many other sustainability services to local residents in West Virginia since 1976. The organization also serves as a financial education resource, known locally as Consumer Credit Counseling Services of North Central West Virginia, offering community education programs and counseling services since 1984. 

“By partnering with MMI, the families we help will have access to valuable national and regional programs and additional tools and resources to help them reach their financial goals,” said Amie Darway, executive director for CRISS-CROSS. “This partnership enables us to combine resources with MMI and further our commitment to provide our local communities and clients with the highest level of quality in financial education and counseling.”

All together, the combined organizations will provide consumers with financial education and counseling services through nearly 100 branch offices across the nation and with 24 hour a day, 7 day a week assistance by telephone and Internet.

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