MMI offers new Credit Report Review service

Let’s start off with some fun stats:

  • 37 percent of Americans admit to not knowing their credit score.
  • 35 percent of Americans have checked their credit in the past 12 months.
  • 39 percent of Americans have pulled a copy of their credit report…ever.

We get it. Credit reports seem boring. And most of the time there doesn’t really seem like any good reason to think about your credit report and what’s on there. Your credit cards work just fine. And nobody’s harassing you on the phone. So what’s the big deal?

The fact is that building good credit takes time and hard work, but bad credit takes no effort at all. In fact, you can do everything right and your credit can still be in the tank. That’s because errors are common and identity theft happens more often than you might think.

Unfortunately, all that hard work and all those responsible decisions can be undone if you aren’t paying attention to your credit report. Errors can be corrected and you can pull yourself free from identity theft, but both take time. Meanwhile, you don’t necessarily know when you’re going to “need” your good credit. A car accident might mean you have to finance a new car. A change in living situation might mean you’re suddenly hunting for a new house or apartment. A new employment opportunity might be held-up or lost because of a damaged credit report.

We can help!

MMI is excited to offer a new service designed specifically to help you understand what’s on your credit report, including your current score!

Let one of our trained experts walk you through your personal credit report. The session covers how to pull a copy of your report, how to read your report, what factors are weighed in calculating your score, and more. Learn more about how a credit report review session can improve your understanding of credit and put you on the path to creating exceptional credit.

Jesse Campbell is the Content Manager at MMI. All typos are a stylistic choice, honest.