Expensive to cheap Valentine's Day flowers

Have you ever heard that Poison power ballad “Every rose has its thorn”?

Hair metal bands and Brett Michael’s girl problems aside, that Valentine’s Day bouquet of one dozen long-stem red roses has a metaphorical thorn of its own: a high price.

Consumers expect to spend $1.7 billion on Valentine’s Day flowers this year (National Retail Association’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey). This fact, no secret to florists, explains why when the demand for the popular long-stem red rose bouquet goes up every February, the price does as well.

Thankfully, you don’t have to get stuck paying the high price of roses on Valentine’s Day. While they may not be traditional, these other blooms can express your adoration just as well, without you having to break-up with your budget.

Find the best bouquet for your bucks

From the most expensive flowers to the least, this chart shows the average price of bouquets from three big nation-wide florists. Choose the blooms that best fit your budget and express your love.

More frugal flower tips for Valentine’s Day

Go with a local florist instead of a large chain. Many large retailers source smaller local florists to create and deliver their bouquets so the flowers arrive fresh and in the best condition. Cut costs by using a florist in your area that you find for yourself.

Don’t send flowers on Valentine’s Day. While I wouldn’t suggest wooing your better half after February 14th, consider sending flowers before Valentine’s Day. Most of the florists I researched not only charge a standard service fee for delivery, but tack on an extra $4-$5 dollar charge for flower delivery on the actual holiday. Buy a mixed bouquet. A colorful assortment of flowers kissed with greenery still says “Be Mine”. It also says “I have enough money to take you out for a nice dinner” since mixing showy flowers will some less expensive blooms and greenery saves you money.

Pick your own flowers. Brave the outdoors for a hand-picked wild flower bouquet. See? Chivalry isn’t dead.

Of course, there are always free printable gift certificates for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes a homemade dinner or back massage says “I love you” louder than flowers ever could. Customize and print your own free gift certificate to give on Valentine’s Day.

Alexis Holloway is a former copywriter and e-Commerce Coordinator for MMI.