We are happy again Sherrys story

MMI is honored to give voice to consumers who have overcome financial challenges. Through their own words, these consumers will tell you about what it was like to be in and repay unmanageable debt. They will also share inspiring words about the many ways their lives have changed as a result of their debt repayment efforts. Following is Sherry's story.

Since completing my debt management program I have found that I can breathe again. Before debt management, my husband and I were so stressed over our inability to pay our bills that it not only affected our credit it affected every part of our lives. We were so unhappy with our situation that we began to be unhappy within our family. We struggled to make ends meet and argued more and more over everything. We are happy again, both financially and emotionally.

I can answer the telephone without getting that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and worrying about who's on the other end. When our debt was at its’ worst, I'm even embarrassed to say, our children knew that answering the telephone was not a good thing. We used our answering machine to screen calls. Family and friends began to figure out about our financial situation which increased our embarrassment and disgust with our situation.

Making that call to Money Management International to begin our debt management program was a hard call to make, but the best thing I’ve ever done. We felt a huge sense of accomplishment in completing our debt management program. We are more financially stable than we have ever been before. I was able to go back to school and finish my degree. We work hard and now we have something to show for it, our paychecks actually feel like they are ours. We are able to not only pay our bills but we can finally get things that we need without having to let a bill go unpaid to do it.

Since we have used a debt management program, we have learned how to better manage our finances. Our children are 12 and 13 years old now and we discuss with them how important it is to manage money. Our hope for them is to see how being overwhelmed with debt can affect every aspect of their lives and instill in them the tools they’ll need to be financially stable as adults. I took us into our mid-30’s to improve our debt and now thanks to Money Management International maybe we can spend the next 30 years or more making smarter financial decisions and in much less debt.


Sherry A

Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.