6 reasons you should make something

I recently started following the updates of some very creative women on Twitter (ex: @youcanmakethis, @etsy, @kirtsy). Their tweets have inspired me to think outside of the box this holiday season. In addition to making my holiday cards, I have cooked up cute cookies, and am planning to dress up even the smallest of gifts in pretty packages.

At first, I doubted that these time-consuming tasks would be worth the effort; however, in the process of creating, I discovered a number of benefits of making holiday gifts from scratch.

1. I am saving money. Since I am providing the labor, I am saving over purchasing store-bought gifts.
2. The gifts are really appreciated. People seem to value things that you have put some time and effort into making.
3. I am keeping busy—in a good way. There is plenty to keep me busy this holiday season, but sitting down and making something beautiful is a very good kind of busy.
4. It is kid-friendly. I dread dragging everyone to the mall, but many of my hands-on projects—like baking cookies and making holiday cards—are great ways to spend quality time with the kids.
5. They are unique. Why give the teacher another coffee mug when you can present her with a gift that shows her how much she means to you? (If your child is a handful, you might also want to toss in some cash!)
6. The gifts won’t be regifted. Or maybe I should say that they shouldn’t be regifted!

Can you think of more reasons (for example, is hand making items friendlier to the planet?)
Please share your thoughts through the comments section.

Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.