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Modern life isn't cheap... so it pays to make sure you're not wasting money on anything. And that includes insurance. Are you paying for unnecessary insurance? Money reporter Stacy Johnson helps you find out.

Posted in: Budgeting Advice

You've tuned up your car, checked your tire pressure and done everything else you can think of to use less gas. Well, there may be a simple way to shave your bill by an additional 15 - 30 cents on every gallon.

Ceremonies like weddings and funerals are often expensive affairs. But with funerals, most of the planning is done last minute, and saving money is the last thing on anybody's mind. But there are solutions...

If you can't afford a vacation home, you're certainly not alone. But many people opt for the next best thing...owning a share of a vacation home or condo that you visit once a year. They're called time shares. Are they for you?

Posted in: Homeownership

It's billed as the most sweeping change to federal education funding since the GI Bill. It's the College Cost Reduction Act, passed by the House and soon to be voted on by the Senate.

Posted in: Kids & Money, Family
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