Credit Counseling FAQs

How long does a typical counseling session last?

Each person’s financial situation is unique and so each counseling session is tailored to meet the specific needs of each consumer.  A full credit and budget counseling session typically lasts 45-60 minutes, but don’t hesitate to call and speak to a counselor—even if you have only a few minutes to spare. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions.

Is there a cost to participate in a counseling session?

No. There is no fee or obligation for credit counseling. If you decide to start a debt management plan, there will likely be a one time set-up charge and a monthly fee for the cost of administering the plan.

Are your services confidential?

Confidentiality is one of the fundamental benefits of our counseling services. Your participation in a counseling session is not reported to anyone unless otherwise disclosed or agreed to by you. We don’t report to the credit reporting agencies. If you choose to establish a debt management plan your counselor will request your permission to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

Can I fax information to MMI?

Yes. Our three main fax numbers are:

  • 888.812.5358 for documents related to establishing a debt management plan
  • 800.933.0133 for documents related to automated deposits
  • 888.845.0501 for documents related to the support of an existing debt management plan

If you need to fax documents related to our housing or bankruptcy services, please call 866.889.9347 to find the right fax number for your specific issue. Using the correct fax number will ensure that your document is properly routed.

Is information submitted through this website secure?

Yes, MMI is committed to maintaining your privacy and online confidentiality whether you are filling out an online counseling form or maintaining your account online. Our privacy statement outlines the steps that we’ve taken to ensure that any information or data that you provide is kept confidential and cannot be used improperly.

What happens after I have submitted my information?

After you submit an online credit counseling form, a counselor will contact you to set up an appointment. Our professional, certified counselors will assess your financial situation, assist in creating a spending plan, and discuss options for debt repayment.

What type of ongoing customer support can I expect?

After you make your first deposit, our support counselors are available to guide you to your financial goals. As a client, access to detailed information about your repayment program is available anytime by logging in to view your account online or our customer information line.

How do I begin?

To find the right solution to your personal financial challenge, simply complete the online counseling form or call a counselor directly. To assist in expediting the counseling process, have your most recent creditor statements available for easy reference.

How many creditors do you work with?

Over the years we’ve developed strong relationships with many of the nation's major credit corporations. If you’re having trouble repaying a credit card, there’s a very good chance we can help. We also work with most unsecured creditors including doctors, attorneys, finance corporations, and collection agencies, if you have additional debts that require assistance.