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Project Porchlight

Support, tools, and education for survivors of natural disasters.

Accelerated Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters cause an incredible amount of destruction and disruption. Beyond the immediate chaos of the event, survivors face a daunting number of unique financial challenges:

  • What are my financial and personal responsibilities?
  • What are my rights?
  • What are my recovery options?

Project Porchlight is a post-disaster financial recovery program focused on assisting families and individuals affected by natural or human-instigated disasters. Using MMI's nationwide network of trained counselors and educators, the program helps consumers develop and execute a personalized recovery plan, bringing impacted families back to their pre-disaster ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.  

What Porchlight offers

Project Porchlight provides clients with the tools, education, and support needed to take control of their financial recovery. Each tailored experience combines:

  • Recovery assessment and plan development
  • Monthly check-ins and online resources
  • Aid application and denial assistance

We strive to increase the use of FEMA aid by assisting clients through the application and appeals process while promoting engagement with financial and partner institutions throughout the recovery process.

Porchlight Online

We also provide a mobile-friendly, customized, and regularly updated learning experience. The portal includes moderated forums which allow disaster survivors to share experiences, resources, and support.

Tailored modules teach users how to avoid common scams, navigate insurance issues, connect with assistance programs, prepare for future disasters, and more.

Are you a consumer in need of post-disaster financial recovery counseling? Click here to learn more.

Capacity & Expertise
We have the experience and infrastructure to serve your unique needs
MMI counselor in action

Project Porchlight is staffed by HUD-approved counselors, equipped with specialized, disaster-focused training. Counselors leverage phone and text capability and an extensive branch network to reach consumers nationwide.

An advanced communication infrastructure, talented bilingual workforce, continuous call monitoring system, and dedicated QA team provide superior client interaction.