Spotlight Partnership:

National Football League

Since 2012, Money Management International has partnered with the National Football League (NFL) to provide financial coaching and education to players, family members, coaches, and staff.

The playing career of a professional athlete is limited. In the physical and competitive world of the NFL, players average less than four years in the league. And although earnings for top players can be significant, all players need to be smart about their money and start planning for their future from day 1.

That’s where MMI comes in.

Working with the NFL’s Player Engagement department, MMI has developed and delivered a number of tailored education programs to NFL players in their first few years in the league. We’ve also cultivated relationships with individual teams, creating unique programming and educational materials to match organizational objectives.

Key Stats (2015-18)

  • Financial workshops – 178
  • Participants – 3653 
  • Individual coaching sessions – 303
  • Credit Report Reviews – 483    

Leveraging our expertise in budgeting, financial planning, credit, and instructional design, we’re able to create tailored programs tackling areas of need. Most programs contain some combination of the following:

  • Financial coaching and education
  • Full service credit report reviews
  • One-on-one personal budget and financial coaching sessions
  • Education programs and resource development
  • Financial education platform and custom content development
  • Interactive online content and tools through

The program continues to expand, and in 2017 we began to develop programs specifically for 2nd and 3rd year players across the league.

MMI provides financial education to the NFL