Payment Instructions

Go to

  1. Login to your account
  2. Under MyMMI Account on the left hand side, click the arrow by DMP Deposits
  3. Select either Make A Deposit
    • This deposit is to MMI, you likely think of this as a payment
  4. Select a Payment Date
  5. Select a Payment Amount
  6. Under Payment Distribution, selection how you want the money to be distributed to your creditor
    • Note: Your existing banking information is on the right hand side in the gray box.  If you need to change your existing banking information, select Use A Different Account or Edit My Automated Deposit Settings
  7. When all of the information is correct on the Make A Deposit screen, press the orange Submit Payment button
  8. On the Payment Summary, click the box next to Agree to one-time deposit and Terms of Service
  9. Select Submit Deposit
  10. Review Payment Receipt, click Back to My Account to return to the MyMMI Dashboard.

Note: If at any time you want to restart the process (maybe you changed your mind or entered a type), select the Reset Payment Form button.