Setting up DepositDirect

1. Be sure to be logged into your MMI account

2. Click DMP Payments on the left side of the screen

3. Click Sign up for DepositDirect

Screenshot: "Sign up for DepositDirect" link

4. Enter your

4a. First name 
4b. Last name
4c. Account type 

Enter the first/last name exactly as shown on your debt management agreement. (NO middle initials, prefixes, suffixes or titles such as Ms., Mrs., Mr., Jr., Sr., Dr., etc.)

5. Click Continue

6. Review the Electronic Authorization Agreement

7. Click Agree

8. Enter banking information

8a. Bank name 
8b. Bank account number
8c. Re-enter bank account number
8d. Bank routing number
8e. Re-enter bank routing number

9. Click Continue

10. Click Continue & Sign Online Authorization form

11. Review the document

12. Click Click Here to Sign

13. After signing, your electronic signature will appear on the page

14. Next you will see the following confirmation message:

  • The web document has been signed. Thank you for completing the signing process. Please click the below button to view your final signed document for printing. Please close the window after viewing/printing the final signed document.