Setting Up Your ACH Deposit

  1. Be sure to be logged into your MMI account
  2. Click on the down arrow to the right of DMP Deposit on the left side of the screen
  3. Click ACH Deposit Signup
  4. You’re now ready to setup ACH with just 4 easy steps.
    1. Step 1 Basic Info
      1. Select an authorized user
      2. Select an account name
      3. Click PROCEED TO STEP 2
    2. Step 2 Authorization
      1. Review the authorization
    3. Step 3 Banking Info
      1. Bank Name
      2. Bank routing number
      3. Re-enter bank routing number
      4. Bank account number
      5. Re-enter bank account number
      6. Click PROCEED TO STEP 4
    4. Step 4
      1. Click on Review and Sign Agreement
      2. You’ll receive an onscreen confirmation The web document has been signed.  Thank you.
      3. An option will also appear for you to view and print your signed The web document has been signed. Thank you for completing the signing process. Please click the below button to view your final signed document for printing. Please close the window after viewing/printing the final signed document.