Setting Up Automated Deposits

You aren't required to set up automated deposits as part of your debt management plan, but it's far and away the most popular choice for DMP clients. Automated deposits let you "set it and forget it", which helps to ensure that you don't miss any future creditor payments while on the DMP.

Log In and open the ACH Deposit Signup page

Visit and use the username and password you created for yourself to log in to your MyMMI account. 

Not able to use the direct link? You can reach the log in page from anywhere on by clicking the "LOG IN" link in the upper right corner:

MMI instruction page screenshot - log in button in navigation

Open the DMP Deposit portion of the menu on the left side of the screen, then click "ACH Deposit Signup":

MMI instruction page screenshot - deposit menu

Step 1: Select the User and Account Type

MMI instruction page screenshot - providing ACH account info

  • Select an authorized user
  • Select an account name

Step 2: Provide Authorization

MMI instruction page screenshot - provided ACH authorization

  • Review the authorization language

Step 3: Enter Banking Info

instructions for MMI clients - entering your banking account info

  • Enter Bank Name
  • Enter Bank routing number
  • Re-enter Bank routing number
  • Enter Bank account number
  • Re-enter Bank account number

Step 4: Sign Agreement

  • Click "Review and Sign Agreement"
    • Your agreement will open in a new browser

MMI instruction page screenshot - review and sign the agreement

  • Verify that the information is correct
    • You can use the "Go to Next Signature" button at the top of the page to jump down to the signature line.

MMI instruction page screenshot - signing the ACH form

  • Click the yellow signature box in order to sign the document

MMI instruction page screenshot - ACH form

  • After you've signed the document you’ll receive the following onscreen confirmation: The web document has been signed:

MMI instruction page screenshot  -web doc completed

  • You'll be given the option to view and print the signed agreement
    • It's a good idea to keep a copy of your signed documents for your records, but you'll also be able to access your signed documents through your MyMMI account any time you like.
    • Close the browser window containing your signed agreement once you're finished.
  • Click "Complete"
    • This will bring you back to your MyMMI dashboard.

MMI instruction page screenshot - sign up is complete

And you're done! You've successfully authorized automated deposits for your DMP. Once your full first month's deposit has been received, your DMP will be activated and you'll be on your way to becoming debt-free! Good luck!