Instructions for Setting Up a New DMP

Starting a new debt management plan with MMI? Excellent! We're excited to work with you and help you become debt-free!

These instructions should help guide you through the process of creating an online account, digitally signing your documents, and setting up automated deposits. 

What instructions do you need?

Create an Online Account and Register Your New DMP

Follow these steps to create a MyMMI account and connect it to your new DMP. This will give you online access to your DMP and allow you to sign your debt management agreement.

Step 1: Navigate to the Registration Page

You can reach the registration page directly by clicking this link:

  • The page can also be reached manually by clicking LOG IN in the upper righthand corner of any page on
    • Once on the log in page, select REGISTER A NEW DMP to reach the registration page

Step 2: Enter DMP Account Info

Provide the information requested in order for us to locate your new DMP in the system.

  • Enter First name
  • Enter Last name
  • Enter Email address
  • Enter Last four digits of SSN
  • Enter your MMI Client number
  • Check the Terms and Conditions box

Step 3: Register Your Online Account

Fill out the fields in order to create your online account. Once your online account is registered and connected to your DMP, you'll be able to manage your DMP online any time you like. 

  • Enter a Username
    • Cannot be an email address
    • Minimum of 6 characters
    • Use letters and numbers only
  • Enter a Password
    • Must be minimum of 8 characters, that include at least:
      1. 1 uppercase letter, and
      2. 1 numerical value, and
      3. 1 of these special characters: !  @  #  $  %  ^  &  *  (  )  -  _
  • Setup three security questions
    • Be sure to use the tab key or mouse cursor (not the enter key) to move from security question to security question
  • Check the Privacy box
  • Click Click to Finish

Success! You now have a MyMMI account and your DMP is registered. You're not done quite yet, however. If you haven't already, we need you to sign your debt management agreement.  

Reviewing & Signing your DMA

Before your DMP can begin, you need to review and sign your debt management agreement (DMA). Fortunately, now that you have a MyMMI account, you can easily read and sign your MMI documents online.

Step 1: Make Sure You're Logged In

Visit and use the username and password you created for yourself to log in to your MyMMI account. 

  • If you have a co-client, they need to be present to sign at the same time as you.

Step 2: Review Your DMA

Once you're in your MyMMI account, you'll have access to your DMP documents. Locate your debt management agreement and read it carefully to ensure that the information is correct. 

  • Locate the blue and white Documents To Sign section
  • In this section you should see your debt management agreement listed
  • At the far right of the row, click the orange link that says click here to review and sign
  • Your DMP agreement will appear in a new browser window
  • Please review all pages carefully

Step 3: Sign Your DMA

Everything look good? Okay, let's sign your debt management agreement and get you started on your DMP!

  • Yellow signature boxes will appear as you scroll through the document - clicking these boxes will serve as your digital signature
  • Be sure to click each yellow signature box
    • Special note: If there is a co-client on the DMP, once you complete the first set of online signatures, the document will loop back to the beginning so the co-client can also sign the DMP.
  • When all yellow signature boxes have been clicked, you’ll receive this onscreen confirmation: The web document has been signed. Thank you.
  • You'll also be given the option to view and print your signed DMA
    • It's a good idea to keep a copy of your signed DMA for your records, but you'll also be able to access your signed documents through your MyMMI account any time you like.
  • You're done! Be sure to close only the browser window with your signed DMA. In many browsers you click an X in either the left or right corner of the window to close it.

Your debt management agreement is now signed! Once again, we're so glad to be able to help you improve your finances and your life.

While your DMA is signed, your debt management plan doesn't begin officially until you've made your first deposit. With that in mind, let's finish the process and get you signed up for automated deposits.

Setting Up Automated Deposits

You aren't required to set up automated deposits as part of your debt management plan, but it's far and away the most popular choice for DMP clients. Automated deposits let you "set it and forget it", which helps to ensure that you don't miss any future creditor payments while on the DMP.

Log In and open the ACH Deposit Signup page

Visit and use the username and password you created for yourself to log in to your MyMMI account. 

Open the DMP Deposit portion of the menu on the left side of the screen, then click ACH Deposit Signup

Step 1: Set the Account Name

  • Select an authorized user
  • Select an account name

Step 2: Provide Authorization

  • Review the authorization language

Step 3: Enter Banking Info

  • Enter Bank Name
  • Enter Bank routing number
  • Re-enter Bank routing number
  • Enter Bank account number
  • Re-enter Bank account number

Step 4: Sign Agreement

  • Click Review and Sign Agreement
  • You’ll receive the following onscreen confirmation: The web document has been signed. Thank you.
  • You'll be given the option to view and print the signed agreement
    • It's a good idea to keep a copy of your signed documents for your records, but you'll also be able to access your signed documents through your MyMMI account any time you like.
  • Close the browser windown once you're finished

And you're done! You've successfully authorized automated deposits for your DMP. Once your full first month's deposit has been received, your DMP will be activated and you'll be on your way to becoming debt-free! Good luck!