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MMI launches new national representative payee service

Currently in the United States there are over 8.5 million people who have been deemed incapable of handling their own finances. These individuals receive benefits from Social Security, Veterans Affairs, or from a separate retirement fund, and need dedicated assistance managing that income.

Generally, the responsibility for managing these benefits has fallen on family members. The stress of this obligation can often be overwhelming, but fortunately there’s an alternative: CrissCross Representative Payee Services.

For nearly 30 years, CrissCross – a division of Money Management International (MMI) – has provided safe and secure representative payee services to thousands of caregivers and beneficiaries.

What’s a representative payee?

A representative payee is a person or organization that receives retirement or disability benefits on behalf of a participating beneficiary. The payee then uses those monthly benefits to support and care for the beneficiary.

Historically, representative payees have been family members or, in some cases, local community service organizations. A beneficiary may name their own representative payee or have one appointed for them if they are unable to do so themselves.

Who uses a representative payee?

Typically, beneficiaries require the services of a representative payee when they are deemed incapable of handling their own finances. This can include a variety of cognitive limitations, but also certain addictions or other sicknesses. In some instances perfectly healthy beneficiaries may use a representative payee for simple convenience.

Why CrissCross?

Choosing the right representative payee, whether by choice or as required by the benefits provider, is a critical step in securing overall financial success of a beneficiary. At CrissCross, the knowledgeable and compassionate caseworkers are committed to providing support to caregivers, so they can focus on their most important priority — providing love and emotional support to their loved ones at a time in which they need it the most. CrissCross’ specialists and caseworkers are trained to help relieve the strain and stress associated with managing monthly benefits, while providing expert advice and guidance.

CrissCross’ representative payee services include:

  • Individualized help with budgeting and money management
  • Tailored spending plans managed through electronic debit cards
  • Interest-earning accounts, with access to funds when necessary
  • Professional record-keeping and financial oversight
  • Bill-paying services and other payee administrative tasks
  • Specialized access to social service resources that can assist with the cost of food, clothing, utilities, medication, and more

CrissCross provides beneficiaries and caregivers both with peace of mind and a newfound confidence in their ability to successfully manage their available funds.

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