I love my job

When I tell people that I've been working at the same organization for more than 15 years, what I wish they would to say is: "You don't look old enough to have been anywhere for that long!"   But what they actually say is: "Wow.  You must really love your job."   Their answer is far more accurate anyway.  I really do love my job and I'm not the only one. 

Did you know that MMI has more than 266 employees who have worked here 10 years or more?  But regardless of whether you've worked here for 20 minutes or for 20 years, it's hard not to notice that this is not your typical job. "Business with heart" is how many of our employees describe MMI.

-I enjoy being able to meet all the clients I come into contact with everyday and know no matter what I have made a difference in their lives just by doing my job and trying to help them. They also make a huge impact in my life and make me a better person. I think my coworkers are the best! Tammy, 18.5 years 

-I love being able to help individuals see themselves out of a seemingly impossible situations.  I love sharing in my client's joy when they realize they they can be financially free. Knowing that I help people accomplish their goals is why I love working at MMI.  I also love the awesome support of my management team. Karen, 9 months 

-I love working for MMI because my job has meaning. I know coming to work every day, that the organization I work for is truly helping someone. There aren’t a lot of jobs that can say that. My co-workers are another reason I love my job. We are a family. Courtney, 5 years

-I have been with MMI and before that CCCS Southwest for almost 20 twenty years now. I am so proud to work for MMI. We are helping so many more people than we ever have, in more ways than we ever have. We help educate the community on how to handle their finances, we help save their homes, and we help them get out of debt because this is what we do. If you think about it, MMI has stepped up to help America rebound from economic stress. Americans overspend on their credit cards, we are there to help, they fall behind on their mortgages, we are there to help, they fail financially, and we are there to ensure it won’t happen again. We don’t just make money; at our job we improve lives through financial education. That is a job I can get up everyday and get excited about for almost 20 years and counting. Chuck, 19 years

-I love working for MMI because each day I’m presented with new challenges and opportunities. I get to use my creativity to help move the company forward. My individual voice and opinion is respected and wanted. I can offer ideas and know they are listened to by management. Also, I love working in Sugar Land because it’s a beautiful and refreshing community. Renee, 2.5 years.

-My biggest gratification is when I talk to people on the phone that are so distraught and you can can hear in their voice that it's like they have reached a lifeline.  I get the chance to turn tears to happiness -- to provide a light at the end of the tunnel.  Our clients are so grateful and you feel so great about what you are doing.  It gives me the cold chills just thinking about it!  Knowing that your employer cares about you as much as you care about your clients warms your heart.  Beverly, 25 years

-I love the diverse people that I get to converse with on a daily basis. It is fun to talk to people from TX, RI, AZ, IN, and CA... and everywhere else...lots of culture, accents and personality!  Michael, 10 years

-I love working for MMI because of the “service” I am being able to provide to our clients. Not only have I helped the our clients, but it has allowed me to help myself, my family, my friends, and any other persons to whom I may have been in contact with when they needed the assistance. Being able to educate and help anyone during a very difficult time in their lives, is personally rewarding for me. I don’t ever feel like this is just a Job, it’s a career path. I consider this job as a GIFT from God… to have placed and kept me here for many years! Thank you! Carmen, 19 years

-I love working at MMI because I feel like I’m serving a cause bigger than myself! Alexis, 2 years

-I am so happy to be able to do what I love with people I admire.  I feel a huge sense of pride when people ask me about my work.  I am encouraged to grow and succeed.  Out-of-the-box thinking is never discouraged, so I am able to continually find new ways to reach out to consumers.  Helping people is a great way to earn a living!  Kim, 16 years

If you think you might be interested in working with MMI, we invite you to learn more about our culture and history

Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.