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Fifty-six percent of people who are unhappily married say financial problems are to blame. As the numbers from Money Management International’s (MMI) recent survey show, no two subjects spark up more heat than love and money. While a financially sound relationship can help kindle romance, a relationship plagued by financial problems can lead to decreased levels of happiness and, potentially, a relationship meltdown. MMI’s new eBook, Love and Money: Your Guide to the Coupling of Finance and Romance, addresses both the fun and serious sides of marrying two financial situations.

Couples are often advised to set a date night, like dinner and a movie, once a week to help them reconnect with one another. This is horrible advice! For couples who are living on a shoestring budget (think newlyweds or couples trying to get out of debt), shelling out that much money every week can actually strain their relationship.

A weekly date night is a good thing, but only if the date is within the couples’ means. Love and Money offers creative cheap date ideas that are affordable, so couples can focus on each other rather than worry about affording the steak they’re eating. Here are some creative, cheap date ideas from the book:

  1. Plant something green. If either you or your love has a green thumb, you’ll enjoy this eco-friendly date. Plant a tree to commemorate your anniversary. Or, instead of giving flowers that will wilt away, plant a Knock Out Rose bush together. This abundantly blooming plant thrives in most parts of the country.
  2. Get inspired by the silver screen. Check out a favorite romantic flick for inspiration. For example, don your bed sheets in the Grecian fashion. Hand feed each other grapes and olives and watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  3. Write your life lists together. What dreams do you have for the future? What do you want to accomplish in life? Compile a list of all the things you hope to be, see, and do. You’ll get to know yourself and each other better. Plus, you can bond over the fact that number 29 on both of your lists is to visit the Eiffel Tower. Ooh, la, la!
  4. Games people play. Three may be a crowd but four is a party. Get some of your coupled friends together for board games at your house. Serve inexpensive snacks and satiate your thirst for competition. Games like Battle of the Sexes, Cranium, and Pictionary are always hits.
  5. Reenact the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene. For a steal of a meal, cook up some Italian. Spaghetti marinara and garlic bread are inexpensive to make and taste delicious. Spread a checkered cloth over the table, eat dinner by candlelight, and enjoy the bella note. Who knows, maybe you’ll even share a spaghetti smooch!

For more date ideas and tips on harmoniously marrying two financial situations, download Love and Money: Your Guide to the Coupling of Finance and Romance. It’s free!

Alexis Holloway is a former copywriter and e-Commerce Coordinator for MMI.