The Foodie’s Guide to four frugal fiestas

If the exorbitant price of food is crashing your party plans, then it is time to revamp your party style with some of these budget-friendly bashes. Because your Saturday nights shouldn’t look as bare as your fridge, the Foodie’s Guide offers up four helpings of parties to keep your wallet and your tummy full.

    The Brunch

    Skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner (the most expensive meal to serve) and opt for brunch instead. That little window of time between breakfast and lunch is a great time for a party if you are set on serving food because the menu options are less expensive. Eggs Benedict and a mimosa, for example, cost far less than a 3-course dinner with wine.

    The Game Night Gala

    Whether you are playing host to the football fan club the night of the big game or it is your turn to host bunko, having an event centered on an activity other than eating will save you money. Serving finger foods or pizza is perfectly acceptable and less of an expense than a dinner party. Potato skins and wings aren’t a splurge, but guests will love munching on these guilty pleasures!

    The BYOV&C

    The BYOV&C is a new spin on the classic BYOB. Instead of bringing their own beer, guests are asked to bring vino (wine) and cheese to share. This is a smart tactic to cut one of the most expensive party staples: alcohol. There are so many varieties of wine and cheese to be tried that guests will love sampling what others bring in.

    The Just-A-Bite Bash

    Many Tea Rooms have Just-A-Bite listed on their dessert menus. The dessert is a platter with spoons heaped full of every type of pie, cake, and pudding on the dessert menu so that people can get “just a bite” of all the goodies offered. Try this party theme at home by concocting various decadent desserts or having guests bring in their favorites. Serve sweets up by the spoonful so guests can get a sample without feeling stuffed.

Try these party themes if you want to save money on you next get-together without sacrificing serving the foods you love. If you are feeling creative, concoct your own party themes that are under budget and over-the-top on fun.

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Alexis Holloway is a former copywriter and e-Commerce Coordinator for MMI.