Nine things I love about the new

I am so pleased to announce the launch of the brand new online home of Money Management International.

What I should tell you is that here at MMI, we continually seek ways to find the newest and best ways to offer you the financial tips, resources, and services you are looking for to improve your financial situation. What I want to tell you is that I am really excited about this new site because (in my humble opinion) it is, in every way, better than the old one.  In fact, I don’t even want to talk about that old site.  The new site still has everything you loved about the old one, but this one looks and functions oh-so-much better.  But with the beauty, also comes brains.  There are a ton of new features on the site and I invite you to explore them all.  In case you miss something, following are ten things I love about the new

  1. Upgraded search functions. Easily search for what you want and find it. Fast.
  2. More articles. From credit to family finances, we’ve got articles covering the financial topics you need to know about.
  3. Library of free eBooks.  We offer not one, not two, but three free eBooks (with more to come!)
  4. More multimedia features. We now have more ways than ever to communicate.  Webinars, webcasts, videos, and pictures—however you like to learn, we deliver.
  5. Experts answer your questions. For years, I answered individual questions through the Advice Team portion of our old Web site.  The newly named “Ask the Experts” column offers you the same opportunity: real answers to real life financial dilemmas.
  6. You can share your story.  We care about you and we want to hear about your struggles and successes.  The new site offers you a chance to share your stories with us, and possibly, a larger audience.
  7. You can find job.  The new careers section makes it easy to find out what jobs are available and you can even create an online resume.  (Working here is awesome, so you should probably go ahead and do that now.)
  8. Client access.  MMI clients can access and manage their accounts in a much more attractive looking environment (not to mention the improved functionality!)
  9. The blog is here!  The blog has been very lonely over at its own URL, so now that it is integrated into the new site, I hope you find yourself reading (and commenting) regularly!

Welcome to the new!

Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.