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Debt repayment simplified

  • A debt management plan (DMP) is debt consolidation without a loan, with reduced creditor interest rates and a budget-friendly monthly payment.
  • Unlike debt settlement, creditors are paid every month, and debts are paid in full, helping to rebuild credit.
  • No credit requirements to begin; can be cancelled at any time. Ideal for anyone struggling to keep up with creditor payments.
  • Call today to begin your free, no-strings-attached financial review.

If balancing your finances feels like a game you just can't win, it may be time for a new approach. At MMI, we empower consumers to overcome their unique financial challenges through one-on-one counseling and effective debt repayment tools. 

Don't go it alone

Credit card debt can be hard to shake on your own. Let our trained team give you the support and guidance you need to master your monthly budget and shed debt in the process. How does it work?

It all starts by understanding your situation. Together we review your finances to see if a debt management plan makes sense for you.

We create a plan that suits you. Sometimes getting out of debt can be a steep hill to climb. But if you’re willing to work hard, we can give you a game plan that helps you keep living your life while making steady progress on your debt.

We work with your creditors. Most major creditors offer lower interest rates and other benefits for repaying through a DMP, making it much easier to get out of debt in a reasonable amount of time.

You make one payment a month. You make one payment to MMI every month, and we pay your creditors on your behalf. Most DMPs are completed in 3 to 5 years.

This could be the step that changes everything

You don't have to accept being financially uncomfortable. If your debt is a burden, do something about it!

It all begins with a free financial consultation with a certified credit counselor. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make the call and create a fresh start for yourself.

Who is MMI?
Who is MMI?
MMI (Money Management International) is the nation's largest nonprofit credit counseling agency. For the last 60 years, our goal has been to change how America overcomes financial challenges. We empower families and individuals to reach their goals through financial coaching, innovative programs, and consumer advocacy.
Are services available in Spanish?
Are services available in Spanish?
Services are available in English and Spanish. Additional languages are available via an interpreter service.
Is this the same thing as a consolidation loan?
Is this the same thing as a consolidation loan?

A debt management plan is not a loan. You simply make a single payment each month which is dispersed to all your creditors. You will continue to receive monthly statements from each of your creditors. 

Can you help me repair my credit?
Can you help me repair my credit?

MMI is not a credit repair service. We offer advice and educational materials to help you build a positive credit history. Following this advice may result in a significant improvement in your credit score over time.

Are there fees associated with a DMP?
Are there fees associated with a DMP?

Yes. Most DMPs include an initial set-up fee, as well as a monthly fee, the amount of which is based on the size of your debt payments and your state of residence. However, you may be eligible for reduced or waived fees. Ask your counselor for more details.

Will you talk to my creditors?
Will you talk to my creditors?

All of our counseling sessions are completely confidential. We will only contact your creditors if you decide to begin a DMP, in order to set up your repayment plan. 

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