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Consumer Bankruptcy

MMI Services that can help:

  • We understand that each person that seeks assistance has a unique financial situation. During your pre-filing counseling session, a certified credit counselor will work one-on-one with you to develop a detailed personal financial assessment.

  • The pre-discharge education program covers a variety of financial and budgeting topics, assuring you have the tools necessary to build a strong financial foundation.

Featured Consumer Bankruptcy Resources

Popular Topics. Helpful Advice.

MMI’s expert team has offered advice covering a range of financial situations. Search the Ask the Experts Q&A bank to see what others have been asking and find the advice you're seeking today.


Understanding Consumer Bankruptcy

People experiencing financial difficulty have the right to have their debts reorganized or discharged. If you are thinking of filing consumer bankruptcy, in the process of filing bankruptcy, or are working to reestablish your financial foundation after filing bankruptcy, MMI offers helpful articles, resources, and information that can help you make informed decisions and take the next step.

Additionally, if you're in the process of filing for bankruptcy, we offer consumer bankruptcy services, including the bankruptcy credit counseling and bankruptcy education courses that required to complete your bankruptcy discharge.


Popular Consumer Bankruptcy Resources

Many bankruptcies are caused by unforeseen emergencies. In fact, the most common catalysts to payment problems are medical expenses, layoffs, divorce, and overspending.


What types of bankruptcy are available to individuals? What are the steps to filing for personal bankruptcy? How long will bankruptcy affect me? How do I get a bankruptcy counseling certificate? How do I get a bankruptcy education certificate?


Obtaining a bankruptcy counseling certificate is a prerequisite to filing for personal bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.


If you are planning to file bankruptcy and have already obtained a bankruptcy-counseling certificate, you’ll need to get a bankruptcy education certificate.


The process of filing for bankruptcy can be stressful and frustrating, and the terminology used may sound foreign and unfamiliar.


Before you file for personal bankruptcy, there are a few steps you are required to take.


Generally, there are two personal bankruptcy chapters available to consumers: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13


If you own a home, and are considering filing for bankruptcy, you are probably wondering how bankruptcy will affect your homeownership.