Reverse Mortgage Related Resources

How Reverse Mortgage Works

A reverse mortgage is a great option for some seniors; however, a reverse mortgage isn’t for everyone. For those considering a reverse mortgage, following is some information that you need to consider.

How to Determine if a Reverse Mortgage is Right for You

Reverse mortgages are wonderful financial tools for certain individuals; however, it is a very important financial decision. If you are considering a reverse mortgage the first step is to talk with a reverse mortgage counselor.

Housing Tips for Seniors

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with housing bills? If you are in a situation where you find that your home is becoming a financial burden, there are some options available to you.

Additional Personal Income for Seniors

If you are a senior citizen getting ready for retirement, you may feel that you aren’t comfortable with the amount of retirement savings you’ve accumulated. Thankfully, there are still some options for income beyond your own personal retirement savings and Social Security.

Keys to fighting fraud for seniors

Seniors are often targeted by scammers. Methods continually change, but there are a few key things you can do protect yourself from fraud.

Laws you need to know

Through legislation, the government has provided credit protection for all consumers. There are several consumer credit laws that all consumers should understand, especially if you have any issues with your credit report, or have been denied credit.

Retirement Investment Strategies

If you are getting close to retirement and don’t feel comfortable with the amount of money you have saved, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use to “catch-up".