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Mapping Your Future

Tools and resources to help you help students thrive throughout the college experience.

valuable Resources for educators, counselors, and financial aid professionals

Mapping Your Future offers important nonprofit solutions for middle school and high school educators and counselors, school financial aid professionals, and others in the financial aid and education industries. If you work to help students prepare - educationally or financially - for college, chances are high that you may benefit from the products and services provided by Mapping Your Future.

MappingXpress is a secure and convenient way to collect documents from students, parents, and families. Sponsors and schools implement MappingXpress to meet verification regulations as well other campus, state, or federal requirements.

Counseling and Online Education
Develop unique, effective online education or counseling sessions using proven Mapping Your Future technology. These  sessions are a great way to demonstrate an organization’s interest in helping their constituents or clients. Mapping Your Future hosts the counseling, but sponsors can integrate the counseling seamlessly into their website.

Texting Service
Mapping Your Future can host one-way texting services for sponsors. Use messages to provide important tips and reminders for students or schools depending on the audience. Note: Messages must be of an informational (not promotional) nature

Default Prevention Software
EX$EL is an online financial literacy and repayment success solution for schools, colleges, and universities eager to help their students manage student loans and avoid default. Providing multimedia courses and materials along with consistent, regular contact, EX$EL can expand school efforts to support both enrolled students and student borrowers after they leave school. 

Online Counseling
These counseling sessions educate students about their federal student loan obligations and help schools meet loan counseling requirements. Counseling can be customized to maximize the benefit to schools and students. Mapping Your Future currently offers 22 counseling types.

There are many more services available. To learn more, connect with Mapping Your Future to learn more!

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CareerShip® is a career exploration tool. Visitors can explore the featured career, complete an interest survey to determine what careers might best suit them, or search for individual careers—in English and Spanish. Many counselors and teachers incorporate CareerShip into their career development courses.
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A college access database and website, developed to help financial aid industry professionals meet federal requirements. The database includes a comprehensive listing of postsecondary education opportunities programs, publications, websites, and other resources.
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Guide to Life After High School
Guide to Life After High School
Our Guide to Life after High School program helps students understand career and college preparation, financial aid, and money management. Mapping Your Future offers four different guides, one for each year of high school - all guides include age-appropriate financial literacy information.
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Benefits of working with Mapping Your Future
  1. Customizable services
  2. Cost-effective resources to meet regulatory requirements
  3. Secure, reliable counseling and other support services
  4. Wide variety of counseling and default prevention tools
  5. Excellent, prompt customer service
Kim, an MMI counselor