Five best foods to buy frozen

Woman in the grocery store

Shopping in the frozen food aisles can not only save you money, it can help you find better products. Many fresh foods are frozen immediately so they retain more nutrients than items you would buy elsewhere in the store. With healthier options and lower prices, the frozen food aisle can be a great place to do your shopping.

Here are the 5 foods that are worth buying frozen:

Seafood – While that salmon may look fresh at the seafood counter, it’s probably been frozen and defrosted, possibly improperly. Fresh caught fish is frozen immediately, on the boat, so it maintains all its nutrients and flavors. Not only will it be healthier and more flavorful, it will also be about 40 percent less expensive than at the seafood counter. The same goes for shrimp. You can usually find a bag of shrimp on sale and defrost it quickly in a bowl of cold water.

Breads – If your preference is for all-natural or whole-grain bread, you can find the best deals in the frozen food aisle. Breads made by natural-foods companies are less expensive and have fewer additives than those found in the bread aisle. If you’re looking for rolls, pizza dough, or breakfast buns, the freezer section is going to save you money over fresh as well. Bagels are a great deal as well. With half the calories and a third of the cost of fresh, you can defrost one at a time and avoid having them go to waste before you finish the whole dozen.

Waffles – Waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Breakfast for dinner is a great money-saving option. Top your waffles with eggs and cheese, chicken in a cream sauce, or shrimp scampi for dinner. Spread them with almond butter or top with fresh fruit for a healthy snack. Keeping them in your freezer allows you to always have an easy snack or meal at hand.

Pound cake – Pound cake freezes well and can be topped with a variety of toppings for an easy dessert. Ice cream or whipped cream with chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, or spread with fresh jam are great ways to serve it. Try toasting or grilling it for added flavor.

Produce – Any kind of produce is one of the best frozen food options. Like seafood, it’s frozen when picked, at the peak of freshness, so it maintains its nutrients. Often more so than fresh fruit and veggies. As an added bonus, frozen produce is usually far less expensive than fresh. You can keep veggies in your freezer for a quick side dish for dinner or use frozen fruits in your morning smoothie. Most can be frozen for up to ten months, allowing you plenty of time to use them.

Do try to steer clear of frozen meats – the fresh option is better there. Frozen burgers are usually more expensive than ground beef and frozen chicken is loaded with sodium and fat.

If you put your freezer to good use and shop around the frozen food section a little more, you’ll find some great money saving items that are healthier than their fresh counter parts.

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