What REALLY makes MMI one of Houston's Top Workplaces?

We recently received some exciting news here at Money Management International! We were thrilled and honored to learn that the Houston Chronicle named MMI one of the area’s Top Workplaces of 2012.

What makes this especially meaningful is the fact that this honor was based solely on feedback provided by our employees through anonymous surveys conducted by the research firm Workplace Dynamics. The responses were then used to assess overall employee satisfaction.

So what makes MMI a top workplace?

It’s more than just a job.


Life at MMI is far more unique than that of the typical workplace. At MMI, we like to use the term “It’s more than just a job.” And it’s true. It’s MUCH more than just a job. It’s a mission, a vision and a purpose.

We don’t come to work every day to shuffle paper and act busy. We come to work every day to change lives.

We wake up in the morning with the knowledge that today we’re going to:

  • Help someone through one of the most difficult times in their life.
  • Celebrate with a client who has reached an important milestone on their path to debt freedom.
  • Congratulate an MMI graduate on beginning a fresh start free from debt.

Job ‘perks’ at MMI.


When thinking about all of the factors that would make a workplace great, you tend to think about things like competitive pay, health benefits, paid time off, and all of those little extras that make work enjoyable.

Well, like I mentioned before, MMI is more unique than the typical workplace. And so are the perks.

In fact, the biggest perk this job offers is the endless supply of inspiration that comes directly from our clients.

I realize that’s a pretty strong statement, so let me explain.

It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help – especially when it involves financial matters. Even more so when it involves the word debt.

No one understands that better than we do.

Because we realize how much easier it can seem to simply avoid a problem rather than deal with it head-on, we recognize the courage and strength that is involved in taking that first step.

So when we receive a call from someone who has decided to take control of their debt, we can’t help but to feel a deep sense of pride and admiration for that person’s strength.

And it’s that courage, willpower and sheer determination that each of our clients possesses that inspires us to be better. Better employees. Better people. Better for our clients.

And I’d say that’s a pretty big “perk.”

So, ultimately, this honor belongs to our clients.

Our clients make us who we are.

And — thanks to our clients — we are one of Houston’s best places to work.


Jessica Horton is a former copywriter and community manager at MMI.