How much is mom worth?

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t put a value on the work a mother does. But what if you could?

The experts over at decided to give it a shot for their annual Mom Salary Survey. They broke down motherly duties into ten titles: Daycare center teacher, housekeeper, cook, van driver, psychologist, computer operator, facilities manager, nurse, laundry machine operator, and CEO.

Then, based on the survey results of more than 6,500 moms, they determined the time mothers spend performing each task. The researchers then calculated the time spent on each job with the job’s average salary and came to the conclusion that the annual salary for a stay-at-home mom is $115,432. The salary for a working mom was calculated at $63,472 (not including the salary she earns in the workplace.)

At those prices, we should all be lucky mom’s not charging for her hard work. So although Mother’s Day has now passed, a mother’s work is never over, so make sure you show your gratitude more than one day a year.

*According to calculations by Job titles and responsibilities were considered and weighed on a scale of importance and frequency, upon surveying 6,500 mothers.

Jessica Horton is a former copywriter and community manager at MMI.