Five Reasons to Go Camping in May

I live in Massachusetts and I just LOVE to camp.  However, camping in May is like New England itself-a lesson in extremes. With a little advance preparation, even the downsides can be mitigated and you will find yourself in a place where 'it's all good'.

For all you would-be campers out there who can think of a dozen reasons not to venture out so early in the season I'm going to give you five better ones for why you should:

Prime real estate-With far fewer campers, you'll pretty much have the 'pick of the litter' when it comes to site selection.  Whether you like sun, shade, water, no water close to the facilities or far away, chances are your ideal site is vacant and waiting for you on arrival. 

It's always quiet hours-Camping at this time, especially Monday-Friday means you will have the place practically to yourself. You can enjoy all the benefits of a little alone time in nature usually afforded only to folks brave enough to sleep in the backwoods, with the all the amenities a modern campground affords.

Your wallet will thank you-Most private campgrounds charge the lower, off-season rate until early or mid-June. You get the same great experience for about 30% less.  Now that's a bargain!

Go the the front of the line-Actually there isn't one. Great vacation destinations usally translate to many miles of traffic. Which can be a less than ideal way to begin or end your vacation at the height of the season (to say the least). Other places you won't find a line while camping in May: the entrance to the campground, the beach and, most importantly, the bathroom.

One less trip to the store-The weather might be a little bit nippy, but this is good news for your camping refrigerator (also known as 'the cooler'). Summer camping means a minimum of two ice refills a day (otherwise you're playing 'catch me if you can' with at least 2 strains of food poisoning). May camping pretty much means one and done. For the entire trip.

Pack a few extras blankets and a portable tent heater.  You won't even feel the chill in the air. But you will feel the rest and relaxation.

Jennifer Wells works as a program manager in the Marketing department at MMI.