I've been meaning to for years

I took a peach pie over to my friend’s house last weekend. This seemingly mundane activity sparked quite an interesting conversation:

Friend: I have been meaning to make a pie for years.

Me:        Really, years?

Friend:   Well, summers go by really fast.

Me:        Pie doesn’t really have a season.

Friend:   Maybe I’ll make a pie next year.

Me:        You can make a pie in like an hour!

Friend:   I don’t have a pie server.

Me:        Well in that case, you’d better wait.

On the way home, I was thinking that if my friend can come up with multiple excuses not to make a pie, imagine how many excuses there must be to avoid money management. You are probably thinking that my friend’s excuses not to make a pie are lame, right? Well, I think most excuses are. For example, I asked a few people why they aren’t doing what they know they should be doing with their money. Here’s what they said:

-Times are tough right now.
-I need more time to research my options.
-I’m looking for a new job.
-I think I’m doing okay.
-I haven’t had a chance to go in and update the software.

Pretty lame, right? What’s your excuse?


Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.